What Does Your Heart Yearn For?

“And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. . .” Malachi 4:6a

God intends for us to live in relationships, not each person grasping alone for happiness. Yet so many of our relationships have soured. What has happened to cause families to break apart? And how can we connect to our children?

God is one, but he exists in three persons who have a perfect relationship with each other. They defer to each other, preferring to do each other’s will instead of demanding their own. When Jesus (the Son) was on earth, he would pray for healing or deliverance for people, and the Father would grant it. In obedience to God the Father, Jesus suffered and died on a Roman cross, paying the price for all the wrong that was ever done. Jesus did not enjoy suffering, but he was willing to give up his rights for a greater good, so that all who believe in his name can join into a relationship with him. The Holy Spirit is the third person of God, and he goes wherever the Father sends him. He was the gift Jesus promised would come to the disciples after he went to the Father. All three persons of God live with a perfect love for each other and us.

And God invites you to be part of his beautiful family as his adopted child. See the Faith tab for how to join God’s family.

It’s feels contrary to our nature, but true happiness comes when we give ourselves to God and start living the way he directs us. Since he created us, he knows how we tick. He knows where we are broken and what will fix us. Two people who both live this way, serving God first, can have a beautiful marriage because God will direct each person to love the other unselfishly. This creates unity and trust, and it’s a beautiful environment for raising children. It gives them examples for how to serve others even when we don’t feel like it, and we don’t demand our rights.

When we are selfish, our relationships are not what God intended. (The Bible calls this sin.) Maybe the big game is on, and yet a child is sick or needs help with homework. It does not feel like happiness at the moment to choose to help the child over watching the big game, but the close relationship that develops between the parent and child with a life patterned this way is certainly worth it. A child’s value is eternal. A game is momentary. Be characterized with wise decisions. Be the example to your kids that serving people, who have eternal souls, is far better than living for a momentary pleasure. Serving others creates a deep joy that comes from God…not a “look at me” moment, but something deep in your soul when you know the God who created you is pleased that you choose to live like he does.

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